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Since the mainstream media isn’t making a big deal out of Jarell Brook’s heroic actions during the Colorado movie massacre that happened last week, we here at felt we needed to acknowledge this young black man.  In a time where young adults appear to be more self-absorbed than ever, Jarell proved that he is not one to be categorized in such a way.  He put his own life on the line when he didn’t have to in order to help save the children of fellow movie goer Patricia Legarreta whose boyfriend Jamie Rohrs left for dead when he decided to make a break for it during the chaos.  Rohrs tossed his baby to the side and ran outside to his truck and sped off.  He would eventually come back after being reminded of his cowardice by the phone call from his girlfriend to pick her and the rest of the family up.  Jarell Brooks is very humble.  He doesn’t want to be praised as some type of hero but you can’t help but to do so when you look at the situation fate placed him in.  It’s like the roles were suddenly reversed.  The supposedly mature adult (and I use the word adult loosely here) Jamie Rohrs turned into the scary ass carefree teenager while Jarell Brook emerged as the responsible adult within the tragic seconds it took for bullets to fly and hit innocent lives.  In essence another man had to save another man’s family.

Rohrs would later on propose to Legarreta and to everyone’s surprise she said yes to being married.  It’s kind of strange actually because she was able to see a glimpse of Rohr’s true protective traits or should I say lack of and it did little to persuade her judgment.  His actions at the movie theatre don’t even tell the whole story here.  Have you noticed how in every picture of Rohrs he’s holding his kid all half assed with basically no support.  It’s like he doesn’t know how to hold a baby at all.  Maybe him being a pussy in a just a critical moment wasn’t so bad.  Could you imagine him running and jumping over rows of seats while holding his baby by one foot and banging his head against random walls while running and looking for an exit?  It’s a good thing Jarell Brooks was there.  On another note, who takes their four year old and baby to a midnight screening for a movie as violent as the Dark Knight Rises?  There doesn’t seem to be any kind of common sense in that house-hold.

So the next time you want to look down on the young black men of this generation, just remember Jarell Brooks and that you can’t tell who is a hero from just appearances because it’s what’s inside that really counts.

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