Tariq Nasheed: Hoodallstar of the month

    Tariq Nasheed

Hoodallstars.com proudly recognizes the best-selling author and activist Tariq Nasheed for his contributions to African Americans as well as people of color all over the world.  For those who don’t know, Tariq is the creator of the highly successful documentary series Hidden Colors and Hidden Colors 2.  These powerful documentaries cast a light on a part of history that was purposely hidden from the mainstream agenda.  The movement he started with those two films has led many people to reevaluate what they’ve been taught in school as well as challenge certain ways of thinking.  We at Hoodallstars.com applaud his efforts and are making him the Hood Allstar of the month.

Now in the past we’ve given this honor to athletes (Clarissa Shields, Gabby Douglas) as well as heroes (Jarell Brooks).  Tariq didn’t accomplish any athletic feat, nor did he save people from being shot in a movie theater, but his endeavors speak volumes and his contributions to black awareness will hopefully make Black History more than just revisiting the same old black icons we’ve looked up to in the past.  In addition, this should help people celebrate our accomplishments instead of just looking back at slavery or the civil rights movement for inspiration.

We urge everyone to go out and purchase official copies of Hidden Colors as well as supporting positive brothers such as Tariq who are actively making a difference in this world.  He also has a great radio show where he talks about current events while dropping knowledge in a funny and entertaining way.  A lot of what he says is real shit.  Now, there are others that don’t share the same views as Hoodallstars.com.  Some might try to bring him and his accomplishments down, but don’t buy into any of that.  Listen, read, and watch what he does for yourself and form your own opinions.  The worst thing you can do is dismiss his positivity because of someone else’s short sighted hatred.

Hoodallstars.com salutes Tariq Nasheed and wishes him the best of luck in his future endeavors.



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