Stay Trippy: Review

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Juicy J finally returns with his highly anticipated solo album Stay Trippy.  A lot of fans have been waiting for this to drop ever since Bandz A Make Her Dance debuted and became a smash hit last summer.  Now the big question is was the wait worth it? will humbly answer that question with a yes.  Now you know we have to keep it real with the reviews.  Even though this album is pretty good and has its fair share of bangers, Stay Trippy isn’t what I’d call a classic.  It’ll probably end up being the hardest mainstream hip-hop release of the year which in this era is a good thing.  Juicy J isn’t the most versatile emcee when it comes to different topics.  He pretty much stays in his lane which is money, hoes, drugs, and goon shit.  The difference between him and a lot of other rappers that share his lane is that he straight dominates it by picking the best beats that compliment his style all while murdering those songs with dope lyrics, different flows, and catchy hooks.  He holds his own lyrically and never gets overshadowed by any of the features although Project Pat, Pimp C, and Yelawolf come close.

When Juicy J is in his element he can’t be stopped.  Songs like Stop It, Money a Do it, and Wax display this quality.  It’s only when he attempts to go a little too mainstream does he have a few missteps or fumbles.  Tracks like The Woods with Justin Timberlake fall a bit short.  Juicy J does well on his end with the raps, but the beat and the hook were a little weak.  All in all it’s not a bad song, just a little average or underwhelming.  The same goes for Talkin Bout which is plagued by a weak chorus and corny beat.  Those speed bumps along with the production sounding a little too similar on certain songs is what brings down the overall quality of Stay Trippy and stops it from reaching classic status.  It’s still a pretty damn good album. favorite tracks are Gun plus a mask, Stop it, and Wax.  If you’re a big fan of Juicy J or 3 6 Mafia then you’ll definitely enjoy this release.  It’s not as good as DJ Paul’s last album Person of Interest which did a better job using the same formula as Stay Trippy (hard beats and hard flows about money, hoes, drugs and goon shit) but it’s still worthy of its own praise.  Overall Juicy J gave a solid effort and made a damn good album with Stay Trippy.

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