Pacquiao vs Rios

    1 manny pacman vs brandon rios

Manny Pacquiao finally makes his highly anticipated return to the ring against skilled action brawler Brandon Rios.  We’ll do a Swag Science break down of that fight as well as a rematch between Evgeny Gradovich and Billy Dib which will be on the undercard.  The last bout we’ll talk about is the super middleweight title fight between Carl Froch and George Groves.

Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios

This should be a high contact and very entertaining fight while it last.  Both fighters are coming off losses, but Manny is coming off a brutal KO so the big question is can he revert back to his A-game to defeat a highly motivated young dangerous guy like Brandon.  Styles do make fights and I do believe Rios is tailor made for Manny, but he’s also the type of guy you wouldn’t want to face if you’re not sure about yourself and at 100%.  Some people look at Rios as Margarito junior, but he’s a different type of fighter.  He’s a sharper puncher, better defender, and has quicker hands.  Margarito’s game plan of jabbing Manny and trying to overwhelm him with volume won’t work for Rios due to the differences in size.  In addition to that, Rios was never good at cutting the ring off like Antonio was.   I believe Pacquiao will use lateral an in an out movement to while popping out quick jabs and combos to befuddle Rio’s aggression.  Then over the course of the fight look to see Manny start picking up the pace and start overwhelming Brandon with volleys of hard shots from different angles.  Brandon likes to use a high guard for his defense so this will ultimately be his undoing since Manny’s offense will just keep him in check similar to the Clottey fight.  Brandon will have to go all out with his aggression and cut the ring down to get in close with the Pac Man.  Once inside he needs to use his short compact punches (especially his uppercuts) to do some real damage.  I think Rios is going to have some of these moments, but his slower footwork will definitely put him at a disadvantage in getting more of these spots.  I see Pacquiao beating up Rios throughout most of the fight an eventually getting a late stoppage or TKO.  Rios definitely has a chance for the upset, but we’ve seen him get out boxed in long stretches of fights too many times for me to believe he it won’t happen this time. 

Official Fight Prediction – Pacquiao by Late KO/TKO

Evgeny Gradovich vs Billy Dib

This is a rematch of a fight that took place earlier this year on ESPN”s Friday Night Fights.  It was a decent rough ass scrap to watch mainly because of Dib’s inability to come forward without lunging and grappling.  Gradovich dominated that fight by a decent margin and I expect him to do so again.  Dib is far too easy to hit for someone with his style an attributes.  The moments where he boxed from a distance he was controlling Gradovich with little trouble, but he couldn’t keep that up.  Every time he got tagged with a good shot, he’d lose his composure and the fight would spin out of control with fouls and rough house tactics.  I believe Gradovich is going to start off a lot faster this time around and really pressure Dib.  Dib will land some good shots here and there, but will ultimately get the worse of it.  I see Gradovich and his underrated boxing skills pressuring Dib and winning a lop-sided decision that will have some real rough and ugly moments.  Not a fight that I would put before a main event, but hey I don’t work for Top Rank. 

Official Fight Prediction – Gradovich by Decision

Carl Froch vs George Groves

Groves is finally taking that big step in his career by facing the always dangerous and currently 2nd best super middleweight fighter in the world Carl Froch.  I’m going to keep this simple and real as fuck.  Groves has all the tools to beat Froch, but I believe he lacks the experience to actually pull it off.  He can box, move, and punch a bit.  He’s also been getting into Carl’s head for the last couple of months.  If he had some better names on his record, I’d pick him to pull it off, but as of now I think Froch is going to go life and death with the challenger, but win the late rounds big enough to steal a competitive decision.  It might be a little controversial as well.  Froch is tough as nails,  a granite chin, and deceptive length that throws everybody off when they try to attack him.  He’ll use all of this to his advantage.  Froch also has a good ring IQ.  He knows what game plan he should employ against different fighters.  He’ll be reacting to everything Groves attempts to do.   In the end I see Froch using his experience to pull out a tough one.

Official Fight Prediction – Froch by Decision

2013 Prediction Record- 37 wins and 22 losses




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