Mayweather vs Maidana 2

    Mayweather vs Maidana 2 poster is back with another edition of the Swag Science.  This Saturday night on Showtime Boxing ppv, Mayweather will rematch Maidana in the main event.  I’ll drop the video prediction breakdown of this fight as well as the predictions for the rest of the undercard which is pretty underwhelming.

Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana 2 (Welterweight Championship.)


Official Prediction – Mayweather by Decision

Leo Santa Cruz vs Manuel Roman (Junior Featherweight Championship)

This is more like a tune up or showcase bout for Santa Cruz than it is a co main event.  Cruz should make short work out of this dude who has no business being in the ring with him anyways.

Official Prediction – Cruz by Early KO

Miguel Vasquez vs Mickey Bey (Lightweight Championship)

This fight has the potential to be boring as hell.  It definitely doesn’t belong on a ppv undercard.  Vasquez is a boxer mover that always fights at the distance he wants.  He doesn’t do anything special, but he’s not a fighter with any big glaring weaknesses either.  Bey is the more talented boxer, but he probably lacks the experience to cut off the ring and give Miguel the business.  This fight could go either way, but I think Vasquez is going to win a close struggle decision in an uneventful fight.

Official Prediction – Vasquez by Decision

Alfredo Angulo vs James De La Rosa (Middleweight)

This fight is another toss up.  For one, Angulo doesn’t belong at middleweight.  In addition to that, he looked like shit in his last fight against Canelo who treated him like a walking heavy bag.  De La Rosa could be a soft touch or an unknown threat.  It’s tough to say.  He hasn’t fought anyone of note and he already has 2 losses.  I’m not sure who’s going to look worse.  I think De La Rosa pulls the upset.  He has less wear and tear on his body and will probably fight harder.  Angulo hasn’t been the same since the Kirkland lost.

Official Prediction – De La Rosa by Decision

Humberto Soto vs John Molina (Junior Welterweight)

This is your classic crossroads bout.  Molina just had a FOTY candidate with Lucas Matthysse earlier this year where he lost a very spirited bout.  Soto was also KO’ed by Matthysse a few years ago.  Soto is the more skilled of the two, but Molina definitely punches harder and might be coming in with more momentum.  This will probably be the most entertaining fight of the night.  I think this will be a competitive fight until Molina’s power takes over late earning him a KO in the process.

Official Prediction – Molina by Late KO.


2014 Prediction Record 53-16

2013 Prediction Record 48-27







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