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Best Place to Buy

Gatez Aviator Lenzez

    Gatez album cover proudly presents the anticipated release from Gatez who is a very talented rapper that was featured on our Artist Spotlight a few months ago.  We told you he was going to be releasing some hot fire soon.  We told you “Aviator Lenzez” was in the works.  Well, that time has come and Aviator Lenzez is here and from the sound of it Gatez did not disappoint.

If you’re not familiar with Gatez he’s a talented young brother from Newport News, VA who honed his incredible skills on the streets of Camden, NJ.  He has a distinct voice that spits hard lyrical bars in a versatile manner.  When listening to Gatez you get dope punchlines, ill wordplay, unique flows, and a healthy dose of swag all over hot production.

Aviator Lenzez is an 11 track mixtape that plays straight through without any hiccups or speed bumps.  That’s right, no wack songs over here folks.  Just let this one ride out.  If you’re a fan of dope wordplay than the track Wordplay King is for you.  Gatez spits lyrics with double meanings that reflect hip-hop and its various artists.  If you want something to chill to then listen to We Rolling.  If you want to hear Gatez rip apart a dark sinister beat than listen to Kill Switch.  Gatez has some heat for everybody on this mixtape.  I’m sure he’ll attract new listeners with this release.

At the end of the day, Aviator Lenzez is a hot mixtape that you need to hear.  People complain about the state of hip-hop and that all the rappers are making cookie cutter pop sounding microwave music.  If you don’t like what your ears are being fed, do something about it and listen to some dope music for a change.  Gatez is a prime example of aspiring artists who still make that hard lyrical shit that the mainstream has seemed to turn its back on.  Support real hip-hop music folks. salutes Gatez and Gothem City for putting together a hot mixtape and we wish them the best in future endeavors.

Download Aviaztor Lenzez here

Gatez-Aviator Lenzez

Listen to WordPlay King and see the video right here.

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