The Swag Science Ep 4 Khan vs Garcia Post Fight Recap

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This is a special edition of the Swag Science.  In this episode I break down what actually happened in the title unification bout between Amir Khan and Danny Garcia.  It was an entertaining fight for about as long as it lasted. Props to Garcia for proving a lot of folks wrong with his KO.  I picked Khan in a close decision and it could of happened if he didn’t make certain mistakes.  If you wanna know what mistakes those were, click on the link below and find out.  As it stands now, my prediction record is (2,2)

The Swag Science Ep 4 Amir Khan vs Danny Garcia Post fight recap

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David Haye vs Dereck Chisora Licensed to Thrill

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First off, I’d like to apologize for not making a Swag Science episode for this fight.  It kinda flew under the radar since it’s not being televised by any major US network (HBO and Showtime step your game up) which is a little disappointing since this has all the makings of an epic Heavyweight clash which is what the division desperately needs.  You have to give these two fighters credit for going through with this.  Boxing fans have gotten used to fighters beefing with other fighters and talking shit about them every chance they get while at the same time not actually trying to make a fight happen (Mayweather Jr, cough, cough) so it’s refreshing to see a heated rivalry finally play out in a boxing ring.  Haye and Chisora already started things off with a wild ass hood type brawl in February at the post fight press conference for Chisora and Vitali Klitschko’s fight.  From then on it’s been nothing but taunting and shit talking from both sides.

This is a the classic boxer vs pressure brawler style clash.  Haye is the quick and slick boxer with knockout power in both hands while Chisora is the always marching forward brawler with the goon mentality.  I believe their styles will make for an entertaining fight.  Based on recent performances and styles it’s kind of hard to pick a winner here.  Chisora has been more active in the ring while Haye’s inactivity might have created a little ring rust.  I think Haye will be able to shake it off after a couple of rounds of being pressured by Chisora.  He should be able to pot shot and win the exchanges if he stays composed while keeping leather on Chisora.  Chisora’s granite chin will come in handy here because he’s never been in the ring with somebody as explosive as Haye.  He’ll take some shots but, he’ll need to keep the relentless pressure going in order to do some damage to Haye.  It’s a winnable fight for both men.  It’s all about whose going to be able to impose their style the best on their opponent.  Haye has the tools, but sometimes he doesn’t punch enough so he has to be careful in keeping up a decent work rate.  If he doesn’t, Chisora will outwork him.

Official Prediction

It’s going to be a close fight.  I don’t feel that either guy will just outclass the other.  I want to say Chisora will outwork Haye for a decision win since he isn’t gun shy and keeps a good work rate, but Haye really can crack with those heavy hands and I don’t see Chisora walking through everything.  Even if Haye can’t hurt him, he still can rely on his boxing skills to win rounds and keep Chisora at bay.  Haye also has some pretty good defensive reflexives so I don’t see him taking too much punishment unless he just gets tired late from the pressure of Chisora. With that said, I think Haye is going to pull out a close decision.  It might even be a little controversial and with the history between these 2 fighters expect anything to happen tomorrow.


Here’s a link to the upcoming fight between Haye and Chisora.  Haye vs Chisora brought to you by EpixHD


And If you missed the last episode of the Swag Science discussing the Amir Khan and Danny Garcia fight click on the link below.  Thanks

The Swag Science Episode 3 Amir Khan vs Danny Garcia

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Amir Khan vs Danny Garcia The Swag Science Ep 3

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In the 3rd episode of the Swag Science we take a look at the upcoming jr welterweight (140lbs) title unification match between Amir Khan and Danny Garcia.  This is a battle of 2 young fighters in their primes which should deliver some good action.  Click the link below to get our fight breakdown and as always we give our official prediction as well.

The Swag Science Ep 3 Amir Khan vs Danny Garcia

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Andy Lee vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr The Swag Science Ep 2

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The Swag Science Ep 2

This is the 2nd installment of our boxing show.  We take an in depth look at this Saturday’s explosive middleweight title fight.

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Pacquiao vs Bradley: A look at the Robbery


“This is the biggest robbery I’ve seen in years,” is what you probably said to yourself if you’re one of the millions of people who heard the scorecards read by Michael Buffer after the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight, and that’s if you even made it to that point.  An inspired boring undercard was the prelude to the travesty that left us all going to bed scratching our head that night.  Was it a fix?  Were the judges blind?  Why did the sport of boxing have to give itself another black eye?  All reasonable questions if you saw the 36 minutes of action between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley.

In what many thought could have been an upset performance from the man who calls himself “The Desert Storm” was anything but that.  Bradley ate hard straight lefts from the Pac Monster all night.  He was visibly hurt several times and looked like he was ready to be put out of his misery by the middle rounds.  Bradley showed a great chin as well as immense will power to keep on fighting even though he never stood a chance like a one legged man in a 40 meter dash.  This was evident as early as the end of the 1st round when Manny landed 3 hard flush left hands on Bradley’s helmet like head which caused him to pivot and retreat, a tactic that viewers would see for the remainder of the fight.

Manny Pacquiao has pretty much been the face of boxing on a worldwide level for the last 10 years.  Even though Pacquiao has recommitted himself to God and his boxing career, we still were treated to all the usual Manny hijinks such as turmoil in the camp and other non-boxing out of the ring endeavors.  Coupled with all of the ring wars and high action fighting style many thought it was the perfect time for the Pac-Train to come to an abrupt halt courtesy of Tim Bradley.  Sure at first glance you would think Bradley is the guy to do that.  He’s young and in his prime with world level experience.  Although nothing stands out about him, Bradley was solid all around.  One thing he did excel in was heart and determination.  Unfortunately, having awesome heart and determination isn’t enough for someone on the level of Pacquiao, even one that seems to have finally slipped a notch.

Manny still has the speed and fire power that had warriors like Shane Mosely running like hell and setting records with touching gloves in a boxing match, but the high octane seek and destroy intensity gear that Pac used to switch to seems to have gone.  Manny couldn’t step on the gas and get Timmy out of there like he usually does to hurt and out matched opponents and because of this Bradley was able to hustle himself back into the fight even though it was more about what Manny didn’t do instead of what Bradley did.  He did try to land  hay-makers in the late rounds to put Bradley in orbit, but gone were the blistering combinations that battered the likes of Cotto and Margarito. Bradley tried his best and only managed to win 2 rounds on my scorecards.  Bradley’s biggest weakness was his bad punching technique which I mentioned on the last episode of the Swag Science.  That flaw was on full display in the ring because there was no punch he threw that seemed to bother Manny.  He ended up getting out landed by 100 punches which makes his victory all the more ridiculous.

That whole fight card was an epic fail that had a sour bite at the end.  With talks of a rematch for November 10th this fall makes the whispers of “setup and fix” all the more logical.  I don’t know how Top Rank is going to be able to sell a rematch for an obviously one-sided fight but in the world of boxing we’ve come to expect the unexpected.  Bradley seemed pretty sure of himself before the fight and predicted a rematch.  He even went as far as printing an oversized ticket stub for it.  With all those bold actions you can’t help but wonder if he knew he’d win all along even if he got thrashed in the process.  He did make it to the final bell.  I guess that’s all that’s needed when fighting the most popular boxer on earth.  I’m sure Juan Manuel Marquez is somewhere pissed off seeing his valiant efforts count for nothing in his trilogy of fights with Manny.

Be sure to check out the last episode of the Swag Science in case you missed my analysis and prediction of the Bradley/Pacquiao fight.  I said the punch exchanges would be the deciding factor in this fight and it was.  Sure, there was no late stoppage for Manny but he still beat up and outclassed Bradley clearly.  It’s just that the judges (for lack of a better word) didn’t see the same fight the rest of the world saw.

The Swag Science Episode 1

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Timothy Bradley vs Manny Pacquiao The Swag Science Ep 1

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Since it’s the week of the big ppv fight with Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley we decided to do an in depth look at both fighters and how they match up with each other.  We also give our prediction for the fight as well.  With that said, we bring to you the first episode of The Swag Science.  Expect to see a new episode every time a big boxing match is around the corner.

Timothy Bradley vs Manny Pacquiao The Swag Science Ep 1

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