Rondo calm down

Rondo calm yo ass down proudly presents Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo with the You need to calm yo ass down award for pushing an instigating a fight with Kris Humphries of the Brooklyn Nets for fouling Kevin Garnett with probably one of the weakest inadvertent fouls that have ever led to an altercation in NBA history.  That foul did not deserve that type of reaction from Rondo.   Don’t believe us, well take a look for yourself.  Rondo went crazy over a damn love tap.  lol.  NBA, where going bat shit crazy happens.

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Camacho Brain Dead

Hector Macho Camacho

Former boxing champion Hector Macho Camacho was declared brain dead several hours ago after injuries sustained from being shot in the head and neck Tuesday night in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The driver of the car was killed by the gun fire.  This is very sad news for the sport of boxing, especially after losing Emanuel Steward recently.  We at send our prayers out to Camacho and his family.

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Hector Macho Camacho Brain Dead Reports say

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Jack Taylor scores 138 pts

jack taylor balling

Point guard Jack Taylor from Grinnell College scored 138 points against Faith Baptist Bible Tuesday night to set a new NCAA single-game scoring record.  His Kobe-like scoring led his team to victory over Faith Baptist Bible in a NCAA Division III contest with scores of 179-104.  The 5’10 sophomore guard took 108 shots in 36 minutes of play.  His spectacular performance definitely shines some light on Grinnell, Iowa.  It doesn’t look like too much defense was played in that game, but it’s a dazzling feat nonetheless. salutes Jack Taylor and congratulates him for going beast mode and breaking the previous record held by Rio Grande’s Bevo Francis who scored 113 points against Hillside in 1954.

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Grinnell’s Taylor scores NCAA-record 138 points

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Dolphfins vs Seahawks

Dolphins vs Seahawks jpeg

Breakdown and prediction of this Sunday’s upcoming NFL game.

Offense:  The Miami Dolphins have to get back in rhythm with their offense; Miami have been missing a lot of key blocks on the weak side on certain blitz packages. Miami needs to regain that dominant running game that lead them to 3 straight wins in October.  Offensive Coordinator Mike Sherman needs to call out better executed plays for Tannehill, as well as getting the tight end Fasano in the game.  Offensive key for the Seahawks if they keep the running game in the game plan they should be good.  Lynch is an absolute beast when he gets that handoff and hits the crease.  Russell Wilson has proven that he will be an elite quarterback in years to come with the way he throws his passes.  The outcome of this game will be determined by tempo.  It is going to come down to clock management and field possession.

Defense:  The secondary for the Miami Dolphins have been weak the pass 3 games. Cornerback Nolan Carroll needs to sit this game, because he causes too many unnecessary penalties that just help the other team out.  Pass rush all of a sudden went missing after the Jets game on October 28th.  Linebackers need to have better coverage on the running backs and Tight ends.  Seattle’s defense is up and down but they never seem to fade, they always find a way to make an impact especially in the fourth quarter when the game is on the line.  Both teams are evenly matched in the interception department, but Miami giving up big penalties is what really hurt them as a team.  This Sunday’s game is going to boil down to which team can create the most turnovers and score points off the takeaways.

Special Teams:  Marcus Thigpen for the Dolphins returned a Kickoff for 96 yards and a touchdown. If Thigpen comes out with this energy against a good Seahawks coverage team: then that should set a swing momentum for the dolphin’s offense to take the bats out and start swinging.  Leon Washington for the Seahawk’s longest kick return was 83 yards. On a good day if he gets the right blocking he will break one to the house.  Miami special teams have been decent so far this season.

Overall Prediction:  Miami 23   Seahawks 21.  Miami’s pass rush comes back alive and the rough and tough run defense that held that number 5 spot for most of the season.  Seahawks are not a good team on the road.


Breakdown and Prediction brought to you by Jahmaine from

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Lakers hire Mike D’Antoni

Mike D Antoni jpeg

The Lakers hired Mike D’Antoni as their new head coach after abruptly firing Mike Brown last week.  D’Antoni is most famous for his offensive minded coaching which made him popular as the head coach of the Phoenix Suns which eventually led him to coaching the New York Knick where he didn’t have as much success.  Hopefully D’Antoni can add the spark that’s been missing from the Lakers offense.  Mike Brown was never the right fit for the Lakers and was an odd choice to begin with.  Even then I thought he’d at least make it to the Thanksgiving holiday.

I believe the panic set in too deep and that’s what prompted the Lakers to make a move.  Phil Jackson seemed like the most likely candidate for the job, but apparently he and the Lakers couldn’t come to terms with the money.  It’s kind of funny how the Lakers get rid of a defensive minded coach in Brown only to hire the complete opposite in D’Antoni who is offensive minded for sure, but definitely lacks on the defensive side.  It’s like they traded one flaw for another.  This new pairing does reunite D’Antoni with his former superstar point guard in Steve Nash who is currently injured.  Only time will tell if D’Antoni is the right fit for this high powered Lakers team.  As for now it’s a move that at least gives them hope.

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Lakers hire Mike D’Antoni as new head coach

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Dolphins vs Titans Breakdown

Dolphins vs Titans jpeg

Welcome to  Today were going to analyze and breakdown this Sunday’s football game between the Miami Dolphins and The Tennessee Titans.  Here is how we go in depth with both teams for Sunday’s matchup.

Offense:  Dolphins; First of all the running game has been a little bit quiet.   The dolphins have a few touchdowns running the ball with Reggie Bush at tail back, but they are not averaging at over a hundred yards per game like some teams.  I think that Coach Philbin should make a change by starting Daniel Thomas at the running back position and Lamar Miller at backup, therefore keeping Bush as a red zone threat for fast score.  For the Titans; they should open up with throwing the ball.  The Dolphins had a lot of openings versus the Colts.  If the Titans find a way to convert also on third downs, at least converting 55% they should control the game most of the way.

Defense:  Miami has a good run defense; in which they have to really be good coming this Sunday vs. running back Chris Johnson.  Don’t let them take control in the run game that leads to controlling the clock. Also they can’t let the Titans Quarterback, whether its Hassleback or Lockler throw down the field and convert on 3rd downs.   Titans: the Titans have to get pressure on Ryan Tannehill to frustrate him a little bit to make last minute decisions throwing the ball.  The Titans should concentrate heavily on the run game by the Miami Dolphins if the coaches don’t make that change at the running back position.

Special Teams: We all know for the past two weeks the Dolphins made some plays on special teams with a punt block for touchdown and two field gold blocks, even an onside kick recovery. Olivier Vernon was named AFC special team’s player of the week.  Titans just have to make something work out for them on special teams.  The Titans average 25 yards per kickoff return and 8 yards per punt return.  Titan’s special teams coach must come up with better blocking schemes or the Titans will be pinned deep in their territory on punts and kickoffs.

Overall:  Both teams have some improvements to work on, but as far as I can see right now the Miami Dolphins are the favored team going into Sunday’s game.  My final prediction will be the Dolphins 34 Titans 17. Miami Dolphins should try to get pressure to the ball from the beast Cameron Wake and he has help from Solai, Starks and Vernon to stop the run.   I hope the Dolphins can make some stops in third downs because that will determine the outcome of the game.

This NFL breakdown has been brought to you by Jermaine from the Maine 2 Minutes

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Dunk of the Night

Teague dunking on Durrant jpeg

In case you missed the Dunk of the Night which included Jeff Teague dunking on Kevin Durant, has it right here for you.  You know the NBA season is officially back once a top player gets made into a poster.  Even though there have been better dunks than this one, it was still a damn good dunk.

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Lakers finally win

Lakers starting 5 jpeg

The Los Angeles Lakers finally get their first win of the season when they defeated the Detroit Pistons last night in dominating fashion.  Now let’s not get carried away here, this is the frigging Pistons we’re talking about.  The Lakers couldn’t lose to them if they tried.  We’ll maybe that’s a bit much.  The Lakers were expected to beat a Dirk Nowitzki less Mavericks squad and they didn’t.  The Lakers were also thought to be the best basketball team in Los Angeles but, the Clippers had something to say about that with their victory.  In addition to that the Portland Trailblazers were also able to get a win off the Lakers who have been struggling to find an offensive identity.

Nash was recently injured so he didn’t play in the Trailblazers game or the Pistons game.  The offense should flow through him, but in the season opener you got the impression that Kobe wasn’t prepared to rely on someone else being the facilitator.  Kobe is always going to get his, but the key for them beating elite teams or at least good squads is to get Howard involved early as well as other key players.  I wonder how long Coach Mike Brown is going to stick around seeing that he’s never been a good offensive minded coach.  This was clear during his time as the Cavaliers coach.

The Lakers definitely have a well-rounded squad that if used to its maximum potential can create chaos for opposing teams.  They have the league’s best center in Dwight Howard as well as a still serviceable Steve Nash who is still a top 10 point guard.  They also have a still good, but much older Kobe Bryant who still shows flashes of basketball brilliance.  Meta World Peace and Pau Gasol complete the rest of the starting five.  With a team built like that, you knew the expectations had to be pretty high.  Let’s see if the Lakers can live up to their potential as well as the expectations of numerous fans and observers.  They have a whole season to turn things around.


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The NBA is back!

Heat vs Celtics jpeg

The NBA is back.  Tonight, the NBA season finally kicks off with the Miami Heat receiving their championship rings right before they square off against their Eastern Conference rival the Boston Celtics.  It’s safe to say that this is a highly anticipated grudge match which should lead to some entertaining basketball.  Neither team really likes each other and now that Ray Allen left the original Big 3 to join forces with the new Big 3 in Wade, Lebron, and Bosh who have now Rashard Lewis on deck as well.  The Celtics also have a few new additions adding veteran guard Jason Terry along with Darko Milicic, and Leandro Barbosa.  The Celtics now have a unique mix of veterans and young players to help them combat the explosive Heat’s improved shooting from behind the arc.  It should be raining 3’s tonight in the American Airlines Arena.  Coverage starts at 8pm on TNT.  You don’t want to miss this game. will be watching for sure.

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Harden’s about the money

James Harden jpeg

By now you’ve heard that James Harden is officially a Rocket.  Apparently The Thunder didn’t offer enough money for Harden’s taste so he ended up taking his talents to Houston. is just going to keep it real here.  For some reason players always wait until the later or end stages of their career before they actually want to play for a contender.  For the most part this happens because they spend the peak years of their career playing for garbage ass teams while collecting a bunch of money.  Now that their old and can’t carry a team anymore their willing to humble themselves and play 2nd fiddle for younger stars in hopes of getting a championship ring.

We’re not saying that this is how Harden’s career will turn out to be because we can’t.  We’re not fortune tellers. is just pointing out a trend that’s been going on for some time.  James Harden had a pretty good season with his team getting to the NBA Finals only to lose to the Miami Heat.  OKC looked as if they had all the right pieces and that they just lacked the proper experience to deal with another team that had their own Big 3.  Now that Harden is gone, they lose that elite scorer from off the bench that really fuels the offense in the 2nd unit.  You can’t blame OKC for just going with the deal because they at least got something in return although the pieces they received (Kevin Martin and Jeremy Lamb, two first-round picks and a second-round pick) are pretty decent they don’t fill the void that Harden left.  Those additions might look better in the future but as of now they’re just okay.

Houston on the other hand came up because they received a good shooter in  Daequan Cook and of course James Harden who will definitely make a formidable back court now that he’s paired with Jeremy Lin.  As of now the Thunder went from being the best in the west and rival to the newly high powered Lakers to the 2nd best in the Western Conference.  The Houston Rockets now have a pretty decent team, but I doubt Harden will see another NBA Finals let alone a Western Conference finals with them.  Basketball players usually have a path that leads into a fork in the road causing them to choose between money or legacy and Harden chose the money.  It’s as simple as that.

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