Chip Kelly will remain at Oregon

Chip Kelly
Hoodallstars think that Chip Kelly’s decision to stay at Oregon and coach college football is a great decision.  It gives him more time in the years to come to improve on taking control of professional players.  Not all good college coaches that make the transition into the NFL have the same impact on the big leagues like how they would in the NCAA.  Staying put at Oregon can also improve the recruiting class where he can keep control over the younger players.
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Dunk of the Day

Victor Dukes dunking has another Dunk of the Day courtesy of high school baller Victor Dukes who damn near walked over his opponent in mid-air in order to deliver his brutal slam dunk.  This one was forceful as hell folks. would like to give Victor Dukes his props and that we look forward to seeing more aerial greatness from this young man.

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Dunk of the Day

Rondae Jefferson

Rondae Jefferson from Chester High located in Pennsylvania displayed some impressive aerial skills when he passed the basketball to himself off of the back board to slam it down one handed during a fast break against Imhotep Institute. looks forward to more nasty dunks from Rondae Jefferson who will be playing for the Arizona Wildcats once he graduates.

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Youkilis to Yankees?

Yankees and Youkilis

Longtime foe of the New York Yankees, Kevin Youkilis has agreed to terms with the team on a $12 million one year contract pending completion of a physical.  He is to replace a recovering Alex Rodriguez at third base.   The Yankees also plan on using Youkilis at first base as well as designated hitter.

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Yankees agree to terms with nemesis Kevin Youkilis

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Bitch move of the day.

OJ Mayo and Demarcus Cousins brings you another Bitch move of the day from the NBA.  Basically whenever an NBA player does some  necessary shit when playing basketball such as fouling, flopping, or instigating fights for no reason we look at it as a bitch move.  The latest player to get this award is DeMarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings for hitting O.J. Mayo of the Dallas Mavericks in the balls.  I don’t know why so many players love to do this, but it seriously needs to stop.  That type of bitch move is an automatic fight starter if your were to play a pick up game at the park.

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Manziel wins Heisman

Johnny Manziel

On Saturday night, Johnny Manziel a quarterback from Texas A&M became the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy.  He achieved college football’s top individual prize by having a record breaking debut year. congratulates Johnny Manziel and wishes him much success in his career.  Here is an interview he had after winning the highly coveted prize as well as a video that highlights his on field skills.



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49s vs Dolphins

Dolphins vs 49ers breakdown

Offense:  The Miami Dolphins have to set a tempo and stick to it.  Miami has a bad tendency of scoring a touchdown and then go the next three or four possessions 3 and out.  The running game for Miami must be strong coming into this game, because the 49ers have a strong defensive front.  The Dolphins need to spread the ball more on offense, meaning they need to get Tight End Anthony Fasano involved more in the offense and not just for run protection. Too many times we see Mike Sherman use Ryan Tannehill to get the ball out to different players like Marlon Moore and Charles Clay. The Dolphins would make good plays with these two players and then the next game they get missing in the offensive rotation.   The 49ers can’t be one dimensional against the dolphins defense, because they will come out and confuse Kaepernick on different blitz packages. If the Dolphins stop the run then the 49ers should go to the pass attack.  It can work if they get the right matchups going for the offense.  49ers have a lot of talent to come out and score points, but can they control the clock against the Miami defense.

Defense:  Miami has to get their pass rush going early. They also need to come out and confuse Kaepernick with different looks to get him uncomfortable.  Match ups are the key for the Dolphins to get some turnovers and make the 49ers tense up in 3rd down situations. The Dolphins rush defense is very good.  I know that they will contain Frank Gore, which should lead to the 49ers passing the ball more.  The 49ers have to pressure Tannehill and get press coverage on the receivers to pick them off their routes to force Tannehill into making bad decisions passing the ball down field.  The 49ers have to try and contain Reggie Bush from getting to the outside and the second level.  If they get sucked into the run play, the defense has to be on their heels and get ready for some play action passes, which works really well for the Dolphins offense. If they get sucked into the run play the defense has to be on their heels and get ready for some play action passes, which works really well for the Dolphins offense.

Overall:  It should be a good matchup between these two teams defense, and clock management should be the key to winning the special teams play by both teams.   Miami is a ten point underdog going into Sunday’s game.   My overall prediction is Miami 24   49ers 17, Miami should be able to shutdown the rushing game like they did for two weeks straight against the Patriots and the Seahawks.

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Kobe gets 30,000 pts

Kobe Bryant

After losing to the Houston Rockets on Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Lakers led by Kobe Bryant stormed back to defeat the New Orleans Hornets Wednesday night.  Bryant was also able to eclipse the 30,000 points scoring milestone in this much needed win.  Kobe now joins the likes of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain as players who scored more than 30,000 points during their career. congratulates Kobe Bryant for his historic achievement in becoming the youngest player to reach the 30,000 points milestone.

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Lakers still struggling

Lakers starting 5 jpeg

Can the Los Angeles Lakers get any worse?  This is probably the question everybody asks themselves whenever they lose to a team that they should beat.  I’m certain this question was asked when the Lakers lost to the Orlando Magic this past Sunday.  The aftermath of that game has fueled talks of Dwight Howard leaving for greener pastures when it hits free agency time.  Rumors about trading Pau Gasol who has been very underwhelming as of late are surfacing as well.  Steve Nash still won’t be cleared to play for a little while and Kobe is threatening to kick people’s ass in the locker room.  The Lakers are just one big cluster fuck right now.

Hopefully they can rebound from their latest loss tonight when they play a team that is struggling just as much as they are in the Houston Rockets led by James Harden.  The seemingly self-implosion of the Lakers is probably the fastest we’ve seen from an alleged super team.  Expectations were high in regards to their success.  Some people even dubbed them as the future NBA Champions for this NBA season.  Now it seems that these expectations were a little too high.  At this rate, fans just hope the Lakers reach the playoffs.

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Dolphins vs Patriots

Dolphins vs Patriots jpeg

 Break down for the NFL game on December 2nd 2012 between The Miami Dolphins and The New England Patriots

Offense:  The Dolphins prove that they still have a running game with Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas, but they have to find better matchups for the receivers going into Sunday’s game.  Miami has to keep Bush away from the inside run game, because the Pats have too many big guys up front; like Vince Wilfork to be exact. We should see more action from Daniel Thomas also running the ball for Miami.  Miami Last week stepped there game up on protecting the quarterback and giving him time to make timely decisions, especially when it’s a play action pass. Ryan Tannehill is starting to get comfortable with looking down field and reading the defense.  If Tannehill would eliminate that one little mistake; like throwing an interception last week and turning that into a touchdown it would have looked good on his resume, but hey a win is a win. The New England Patriots are coming off a great game Thanksgiving night against the New York Jets scoring 49 points with 35 of those points coming in the 2nd quarter alone.  The Patriots is a team that can get any matchup they want for their receivers or running backs to get comfortable and thus it is easier for Brady to spread the field.  Tom Brady reads the safeties first then the linebackers, that is why slot receiver Wes Welker is his favorite target.  Wes Welker can get off the line and beat coverage any time especially if the defense is not formatted in the Nickel Package defense.

Defense:  Miami Dolphins needs to I mean really need to do a better Job creating turnovers.  The Dolphins secondary has to step up on coverage this weekend and communicate with each other in order to succeed at getting takeaways.   The defensive line for the Dolphins can get some pressure, but somehow they can’t sack the quarterback. Hopefully, the front four for the Dolphins can prove that they are one of the league’s best defensive Line.  Pass coverage is the Dolphins weakest link and defensive coordinator Kevin Koyle has to make some adjustments this week in practice to get ready for the Patriots high octane offense.  The New England Patriots needs to get up and in the offensive line push them back and get to Tannehill, because he folds under pressure and he really cannot read the defense when he has hands in the face with constant pressure.  The DB’s and safeties have to pick and choose their matchups, play up, press the receivers and also get physical.

Clock Management:  The Patriots are Very good at this part of the game especially when you have an elite quarterback in Brady that can control the audibles at the line and possible draw the defense off sides.  They are a well rounded offensive team that can block upfront so the running backs can burst through that offesive line and get to that second level.  Pats are very good also with field possession, good clock management works when field possession works your way.  The Miami Dolphins have decent clock management skills; Mr. Tannehill needs to improve in that aspect of the game. All good quarterbacks are known for their clock management skills, For instance Peyton Manning. Last week in the Seahawks game Tannehill showed poise in the pocket, he delivered the ball accurately, with only 1:58 seconds left in the game he dove the Phins Down the field for a game winning field goal.

Special Teams:  Miami needs to practice punt and kickoff coverage.  For three straight weeks they let 1 punt and a 2 kickoffs got ran back for a touchdown, especially against a New England team that can score points just about at any angle of the game the special teams unit needs to get better.  Patriots do not necessarily have to change anything they are on a 5 game winning streak so they must be doing something good on special teams and defense.

Overall:  It should be an exciting game in Miami and expect both teams to come and play each other very well. It is Ryan Tannehills first Rookie start against Tom Brady, he said himself that he has been waiting all season for this matchup.  Defense should be intense for Miami and the Patriots if it should it come down to a game winning field goal again or overtime that would give the fans something to cheer about for the Phins.  Patriots should run the ball consistently because the passing game will hurt the Miami Secondary.  Dolphins should try to eliminate the penalties and get some takeaways otherwise they will struggle against the Patriots.

The Final prediction for Sundays game Miami 30 New England 27.

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Here’s some links to highlights from both Teams last games

Seattle Seahawks vs. Miami Dolphins highlights

Edelman’s 56-yard TD grab

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