Canes destroy Duke

Canes vs Duke jan 2013

The Miami Hurricanes basketball team handed number 1 ranked Duke its worst and most lop-sided lost in 15 seasons.  The final scores were 90-63.  The Canes were shooting lights out and went on a 25-1 run right before halftime.  Hopefully Miami can continue going beast mode when they face Florida State this Sunday.  Meanwhile, Coach K has to go back to the drawing board.

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Miami pummels No. 1 Duke 90-63

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Sloane defeats Serena

Sloane Stephens would like to congratulate fellow South Florida resident Sloane Stephens for defeating the legendary Serena Williams in the quarter finals of the Australian Open.  Her victory provided the tournament with its biggest upset. looks forward to seeing Sloane Stephens obtain more victories as well as becoming a house hold name in the world of tennis.  The teenager from Coral Springs has her work cut out for her when she faces the defending champion Victoria Azarenka in the semi-finals next.  We wish her the best.

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Sloane Stephens shocks Serena Williams in Australia


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Heat sign Chris Andersen

Chris Andersen

The Heat finally went and did something about their rebound problems and picked up Chris Andersen aka Birdman who is a skilled veteran center.  The 34 year old big man specializes in grabbing rebounds and blocking shots.  This move should allow Chris Bosh more freedom to score as well setting up creative new rotations with Joel Anthony seeing that he’s been getting more minutes recently.  Birdman also brings a lot of energy off the bench which will give other players a boost when it comes to offense.  These scenarios are highly possible if the coach makes the proper adjustments during the game.  The Miami Heat now has the proper pieces.  It’s just up to Spoelstra and the rest of the team to make it work.

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Miami Heat sign Chris Andersen, Varnado to 10 day deals

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NFL Playoffs: Ravens vs Patriots

Ravens vs Patriots

Welcome to HoodAllstars primetime sports analyst where we breakdown today’s NFL playoff game between the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots
This AFC Rivalry matchup should be a good offensive and defensive game.  Both teams know how to move the ball at a good pace.  The Running game for Baltimore should be the main focus to control the clock and field possesion. Trap the Patriots defense with audibles and switch plays when the blitz is no longer effective.  Baltimore is known for testing the DB’s and Safeties with Flacco attemting to drive the ball deep down the field on the secondary.   New England should go no huddle on offense, timing the defense of the ravens for a quick play. Wes Welker should have a good game like always, if the Patriots Defense can maintain the pressure.

The Baltimore Ravens defense shouldn’t blitz if Tom Brady uses a spread Offense. Linebackers should stay home and protect the check downs.  Patriots defense gives up a lot of deep plays, hopefully Flacco get enough protection to deliver the ball.  Overall,  this AFC championship game will be emotional on both sides of the field, each team will play with a chip on their shoulders.

Final Score:  Baltimore 30   Patriots 28

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NFL Playoffs: 49ers vs Falcons

49ers vs Falcons breaks down the NFL playoff game between The San Francisco 49ers and the Atlanta Falcons

Offense:  The 49ers are a well-rounded offensive team with good blocking up front and a dynamic running game from their quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore.  For the 49ers to control the tempo of this NFC divisional game they will have to ground and pound the ball down the throat of the Falcons, then later on mix it up with a little play action passes and screens.  Kaepernick will have to find his receivers early because the Falcons have two cornerbacks who are always hungry for the ball.  Timing is everything today for the 49ers.   In order for the Atlanta Falcons’ offense to win this game, they will have to take a lot of chances down the field. Matt Ryan will have to throw the ball deep or to intermediate routes, to create space and separation from the San Fran Defense.  If the Falcons can sustain a good running game and get some push upfront from the offensive line, the falcons should have a decent offensive game.  The Falcons  and the 49ers have plenty of weapons.

Defense:  The Falcons have to dig in harder than they did last week against the Seahawks.  The Falcons defense has to get more 3 and outs.  They also need to try to contain the quarterback more and maybe play a safety or Linebacker spy on Kaepernick so he doesn’t get those big runs.  Should the Falcons get pressure on Kaepernick and force him to make bad decisions we should see some takeaways this game.  The 49ers have plenty of weapons and different blitz packages that can confuse Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense.  The 49ers only need constant pressure from there D-line and Linebackers like Brooks, Smith, and Willis.  If they keep up the pressure and keep attacking the quarterback and give him different looks on defense the 49ers defense should see themselves walking off the field after some 3rd downs.

Overall:  This matchup is a good football matchup for the Atlanta Falcons and the SanFransisco 49ers, because this is the first time the Falcons made it to the NFC divisional game, the 49ers got their last season and lost to the Giants.  So this game will be played with a lot of emotions and energy by both teams.

Final Score:  49ers 38 Falcons 24

Breakdown and Prediction brought to you by JahMaine

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Lebron gets 20,000 pts

Lebron James would like to congratulate Miami Heat sensation Lebron James for becoming the youngest player ever to accumulate 20,000 points while playing in the NBA.  He accomplished this impressive feat last night on the road when the Heat played against the Golden State Warriors in the Oracle Arena.  On that same night Lebron would also reach 5,000 assists.  The game was a complete domination since the Warriors had no answer for the Miami Heat.  Lebron James became the 12th player in NBA history to reach 20,000 points, 5,000 assists, and 5,000 rebounds.  Hopefully Lebron and company will bring that same intensity to tonight when the face off against the Lakers.

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Chip Kelly to coach the Eagles

Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly has just become the 21st head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.  This is a surprising turn of events since not too long ago Chip decided to stay as the head coach for the University of Oregon.  I guess he had a change of heart and figured it was time for a change.  All we know is that looks forward to seeing Chip Kelly’s energetic an innovative style tested on a professional level.

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Chalmers ties record

Mario Chalmers salutes point guard Mario Chalmers of the Miami Heat for making ten 3 pointers against the Sacramento Kings tying the previous franchise record held by Brian Shaw.  The Heat went on to defeat the Kings with lop-sided scores of 128-99.  Mario Chalmers finished the game with a season high of 34 points.  Chalmers has certainly come a long way.  He’s shown potential since his rookie year and has steadily improved into the seasoned player that he is today all while becoming a serious threat behind the arc.  Let’s hope that Mario and the rest of the Heat can keep the fires burning when they take on the not so hot Lakers this Thursday.

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Will Heat Repeat?

3 Kings blog pic jpeg

Can the Miami Heat successfully defend their championship title this season?  Even though they’re at the top of the leagues’ standings, some might doubt their ability to repeat if they continue getting dominated on the boards.  This trend has also continued in games against inferior teams.  Rebounding and tempo play important factors in the post season and lacking in those departments will only make victory harder to gain.

There are plenty of factors that could have led to this happening.  Some of the players haven’t been consistent.  Their lack of size has something to do with it as well.  You could even place a little blame on the coaching and front office.  The Heat have a bunch of 3 point shooters who have been streaky as of late as well as not showing any interest in rebounding since it seems like everyone expects Lebron to grab all the rebounds while leading the team.  Joel Anthony needs to get more play time so he can provide some help on the glass and block shots.  They need to slow down on all the small man run and gun basketball to avoid being too worn down for the play offs.  Slow it down a bit and instill more of a half-court game by utilizing the size that you do have.  In addition to that everybody needs to lend a hand on rebounding.  Coach Spo, still seems to struggle at finding a consistent strategy that can maximize the talent that he has.

Haslem is a good veteran player, but his scoring has been piss poor lately and he hurts the team when he gets so many minutes without producing all while being undersized at the same time.  What made Haslem so effective was his ability to be tough and play effectively on offense and defense.  If he’s not scoring, his value cuts in half while being on the court.

The Heat still have time to turn things around.  They also might snag a big man before the trade deadline which should help them out.    There’s no need to panic, but if things don’t change soon, it might be time to get a little worried.

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Howard out indefinitely

Dwight Howard

The L.A. Lakers can’t seem to catch a break this season.  They had a rough start at the beginning of the season, are on their 2nd coach, and their players have been plagued with various injuries as well as being labeled as old.  Dwight Howard’s torn labrum which came from a shoulder injury during the loss to the L.A. Clippers last Friday is the most recent problem that an already struggling Lakers squad has to face.  Howard will be sidelined indefinitely with such a serious injury and is expected to travel with the team and be reevaluated in a week.  As of now, things don’t look too good for Kobe and company.

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Dwight Howard out indefinitely with shoulder injury.


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