Dolphins pursue Mike Wallace

mike wallace

The Miami Dolphins owner Steve Ross and GM Jeff Ireland are finally putting their heads together to make the necessary moves to have the dolphins team contend for a Superbowl or a good playoff run.  Tuesday March 12, 2013 was the beginning of free agency for the NFL.  Wide Receiver Mike Wallace is being sought by the Dolphins.  If the Dolphins land this big play receiver he should go along good with the spread Offense that the Dolphins are trying to maintain with QB Ryan Tannehill.  The Dolphins are just one big play receiver away from having an elite team in the AFC east.  With Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas at the running back positions, this should give Miami a definite upper hand against opponents in the upcoming season.   For Dolphins fans right now, it’s just a waiting game to see what kind of offer is on the table for this big play receiver to join the team.

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Dolphins free agency: Fins gets an ideal chance to play big spenders

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Dunk of the Day

Deandre Jordan dunking on Brandon Knight

In case you missed it, here’s the dunk of the day by DeAndre Jordan who catches a monster alley oop and brings it down over Brandon Knight of the Detroit Pistons.  We’ve had some nasty dunks this season, but got dayum this one here was just ridiculous.  They don’t call the LA Clippers LOB CITY for nothing.

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Heat win streak sets record


Last night the Miami Heat defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves, 97-81 in Minneapolis, setting a new franchise record with 15 straight wins.  Dwyane Wade was the team’s leading scorer having a double-double with 32 points, 10 assists, and 7 rebounds.  Lebron James also had a double-double with 20 points, 10 rebounds, and 4 assists.  It was a dominating performance from the league’s best team.  The Timberwolves made a run at it during the 4th quarter cutting their deficit down to just a couple points, but a foolish flagrant foul ruined their momentum.  Emotions ran high at that moment and a lot of careless basketball was played causing the Heat to break away and put the final nail in the coffin.

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Rodman visits Kim Jong Un

Jong and Rodman

Former NBA Champion and outspoken rebound king Dennis Rodman had plenty to talk about after his recent trip to North Korea where he basically hung out with the country’s leader Kim Jong Un.  Yeah, the same Kim Jong who has defied U.N. sanctions by continuing to develop North Korea’s nuclear arms and missile program, which he says is aimed at the U.S.  During Rodman’s visit, they watched a Globe Trotter basketball game and talked about their mutual love of the sport.

Rodman did come back with a message for our President.  He said Jong would like Barack Obama to call him and that the young leader doesn’t want to go to war.  He also said that Obama’s and Jong’s love of basketball could eventually bring them closer to communicating.  It seems like both men had fun and really hit it off.  Rodman even went on to say that Kim has made a friend for life.

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Dennis Rodman: Kim Jong Un Wants President Obama to ‘Call Him’

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Heat Harlem Shake

Miami Heat

The Miami Heat just came out with one of the better versions of the Harlem Shake.  This was funny an entertaining as hell.  Everybody dressed up in outfits that mocked their personalities, name, or character.  They really put some work into this one so you got to give them props.  They’re not too busy dominating the league where they can’t take some time out and have a little fun.  How can you possibly hate on the Miami Heat?  If the Lakers were actually good this season, we would have probably gotten a Harlem Shake video from Dwight Howard by now.



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NBA All-Star Recap

Chris Paul 2013 all star mvp

Now that the NBA all-star festivities are over, would like to take a moment and reflect on what went down during the star studded weekend.

  1.  Whoever was in charge of the sound production during the live performances should be slapped.  Throughout the weekend, fans had to listen to barely audible tunes from the performers.  The microphones seemed to low and the voices didn’t seem to be projecting at all.
  2. Is it me, or did the All-Star weekend feature too much damn singing.  Where were all the fast paced up tempo songs?  The appointed music was out of place and didn’t add anything to the electric atmosphere.
  3. As talented as Alicia Keys is, she’s not that great of an onstage performer.  Her music set during halftime last night was pretty boring.  She’s cool when belting tunes behind a piano, but when she has to stand up and dance her moves seem forced and unnatural.  In addition to that, her voice sounded terrible.  It was cracking and really sounding scratched whenever she tried to carry a note.  That Keri Hilson inspired outfit didn’t do her any favors either.
  4. Kyrie Irving has handles out of this world.  Throughout the weekend this kid showed you why he’s one of the league’s most promising young point guards.  He can do just about everything needed from that demanding position.
  5. The NBA Slam Dunk Contest needs to be tossed in the bushes somewhere.  It has officially worn out its welcome.  Gone are the days when the NBA’s top stars competed in this event (Kobe, Vince Carter, Dwight Howard, Baron Davis, Steve Francis, etc..)  Now fans are subjected to bench warmers and no name players doing their best to milk a 15 minute spotlight.  The hundred attempts to make a dunk that isn’t even all that great is just unbearable to watch now.  Then the worst part about it is that those same dunks will get high scores just because it’s better than anything else that night.  Getting the league’s biggest stars to participate is the only cure.  Just imagine a Slam Dunk contest with Russel Westbrook, Lebron James, and Blake Griffin.  Until some epic shit like that happens, stick a fork in the Dunk Contest.  It’s done.
  6. Chris Paul showed everyone why he’s the NBA’s best point guard by winning the all-star game MVP.  Paul finished with 20 points, 15 assists and 4 steals.  That right there folks, is a pretty impressive game.
  7. Chris Bosh seemed to get tried all weekend.  He got put into highlight replays by several players as well as Lil Wayne dissing him and his teammates even to the point where he said he fucked his wife.   Expect Bosh to have a few big games soon.
  8. The little one on one with Kobe and Lebron was interesting until Kobe made it seem like that was more important than getting his team to the playoffs.  You got to give him props for getting those blocks on Lebron’s weaker left side.  That has been a flaw that nobody seemed to go after before.  Even then, it’s kind of sad how both players are going at it so hard, all for the sake of another man’s admiration (Jordan) who isn’t even related to either player.  It’s like both guys were playing for the right to be called the next Jordan even though neither will ever surpass their idol.

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Floyd’s Next Fight?

Floyd Mayweather throne

Who should Floyd “Money” Mayweather fight next?  That’s probably been the most asked question in boxing for the last couple months.  Recently Floyd tweeted about his negotiations being almost finished and that welterweight titlist Devon Alexander (yeah the same one who just got injured) was the front runner to land the coveted fight.  All that did was start the routine Floyd opponent bashing.  What some people forgot was that Mayweather has a habit of name dropping undesirable opponents to the public in an attempt to gauge reactions.  (Matthew Hatton anyone?) Shortly afterwards we get the official opponent and it’s usually a better name than what was initially reported, but still falls short of the big fights that the sport really wants from him (Manny Pacquiao, Sergio Martinez, etc..)  What I decided to do was throw out potential realistic fights out there for Floyd Mayweather.  Fights with the Pac Man and Sergio Martinez will be left off since we know damn well those aren’t happening ever and people have finally seemed to come to this realization.

  1.  Saul “Canelo” Alvarez- The young 154lber titlist is hands down, the biggest and most winnable fight for Floyd.  Although Canelo is barely proven at the elite level in his division, he has a huge following and will bring in plenty of Mexican fans to this event.  He has an exciting style as well so the actual fight itself will be entertaining.  This fight is winnable for Mayweather, but by no means will it be easy work.  Canelo is good heavy handed boxer puncher who lets combinations go frequently.  He is also a good body puncher which is very useful against defensive fighters.  Floyd will be giving up size and strength, but will be having a healthy advantage in the experience and skills department.  Canelo’s footwork needs improvement and a seasoned vet like Floyd should be able to exploit that.  Truthfully, Mayweather should jump on this kid now before he gets any more polished.  Canelo can eventually evolve from a handful to a straight up nightmare for Floyd and any other top fighters if he keeps improving and staying active.
  2. Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero- This is another fighter that has been getting his name thrown around in the mix.  Guerrero is a solid fighter, but he doesn’t bring much to the table as far as marketability or even being dangerous enough to trouble a guy like Floyd.  In addition to that, Guerrero’s last couple fights have been ugly, rough, foul-filled, affairs.  He also lacks punching power seeing that he had to hold and hit someone as chinny as Andre Berto in order to get a knockdown.  His dirty tactics could possibly cause all types of unforeseen problems and the last thing we need is another Victor Ortiz fiasco.  Why risk all that against a guy who hasn’t really beaten anybody of note and who doesn’t even have a decent fan base.  Beating Aydin and Berto isn’t enough to get a Floyd fight especially when you factor in all the other intangibles I listed.  With all things considered, Guerrero doesn’t present anything that Floyd hasn’t seen before in a ring and saying Guerrero will lose a lop-sided decision isn’t all that far-fetched.
  3. Devon Alexander- With his name being thrown about, it kind of makes you wonder if his injury is even legit.  Nonetheless his name doesn’t seem too appealing if we’re talking mega fights with Floyd Mayweather.  Alexander is a good fighter and has one of the best resumes in the sport.  He doesn’t always make for the best fights, but I wouldn’t say he’s a boring fighter.  I use that label for guys like Cory Spinks and Miguel Vasquez.  If Alexander was coming off an impressive win where he looked good, a potential fight with Floyd wouldn’t sound bad.  It’s just that he looked rather piss poor and just plain uninspiring during his win over Randall Bailey in his last fight.  This is a cool fight for regular HBO, but not a main event for a PPV.
  4. Austin Trout- This junior middleweight belt holder is new on the big scene after his dominant upset performance win against Miguel Cotto who Mayweather nearly went life and death with.  He might not have the name recognition or as deep a resume as the other potential opponents, but he still can be marketed as a legit threat.  He’s a young skilled southpaw who is naturally bigger and stronger.  He’s quick and has decent punching power.  One way it can be marketed is that Trout beat one of Mayweather’s best opponents more decisively than he did.  Fighting Trout also helps destroy the myth that Floyd has difficulty with skilled southpaws (Manny and Martinez)

If you look closely and just keep it real, the bigger and more challenging fights for Floyd are in the junior middleweight division.  Nobody at welterweight has really distanced themselves from the rest of the pack in order to really be able to call out Floyd.  It seems like everybody is a big fight or two from that moment.  It will certainly look like a cherry pick move to certain boxing fans if Floyd goes on to fight somebody at welterweight especially since the more lucrative bouts are at 154.  Only time will tell.  Hopefully for the sake of boxing, Floyd chooses the right opponent.  Pay Per View fights should be left for meaningful big fights and not underwhelming mismatches.

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Ravens win Super Bowl

Ravens win super bowl

The Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl after surviving a late game surge from the San Francisco 49ers along with a blackout that lasted over 30 minutes.  The final scores were 34-31.  The Ravens dominated throughout most of the game having a 28-6 lead by the 3rd quarter.  This Super Bowl had everything you could ask for in the biggest game of the year.  There were lots of exciting plays that gave each team momentum swings during the dame.   In the end the Ravens defense proved too much for the 49ers.  Ray Lewis now ends his illustrious football career with two Super Bowl Championships.

In other Super Bowl related news, Beyonce gave a pretty decent halftime show.  She even brought out Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for a few Destiny Child songs.

The Super Bowl commercials were pretty lame this year especially when you look back at all the great Super Bowl commercials from the past.  Somehow the creativity and the humor went missing.


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Kimbo wins in brawl

Kimbo jpeg

Kevin Ferguson, better known as Kimbo Slice continued his heavyweight campaign by defeating rugged journey man Shane Tilyard in an exciting brawl that lasted almost 2 rounds.  The short bout consisted of both men trading bombs hoping to knock each other out.  To his credit, Tilyard had Kimbo hurt several times during the match and almost scored a knock down within the 1st minute of the fight.  Kimbo would eventually battle back from this adversity and land a devastating hook to the body which stopped the game Tilyard in his tracks.

Although the fight was exciting as hell, it’s plain as day that Kimbo will probably just remain a side attraction when it comes to boxing in the heavyweight division.  His defense is piss poor and his conditioning leaves much to be desired.  His form is also lacking when it comes to punching technique because he tends to throw the wrong punch at the wrong time.  Kimbo still throws uppercuts at a further distance than he should, leaving himself open for counter punches.  He also drops his hands after punching which is a real bad habit.

A lot of the mistakes that Kimbo makes should have been corrected already especially against this low level opposition that he’s been facing.  When Kimbo does eventually step up, ( we’ve been waiting for this) the opponents he’ll be facing will jump at the opportunity to capitalize on those flaws.  For the time being Kimbo just hits hard.  That alone, might be enough to take out these tomato cans he’s been fighting, but eventually he’ll need to refine his craft a bit more in order to compete with fighters of a higher caliber.  Let’s hope that happens.

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The Heat meet Obama

Heat and Obama at white house

The Miami Heat were honored today at the White House by President Obama for winning the championship in 2012.  Barack Obama celebrated their victory all while praising their commitment to success on and off the court.  He also made sure to mention their teamwork and how everyone played their role in winning.  The Miami Heat’s active support of the military was also recognized. salutes the Miami Heat for such a dominant series over the western conference champions, Oklahoma City Thunder.  With the way things are going now, it’s highly possible that these two teams can see each other again in the NBA Finals.


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