Mayweather vs Pacquiao


Well folks, the wait is finally over.  Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are finally fighting each other tomorrow Saturday night on pay per view for the insane price of $100.  Hopefully the fans get their money’s worth and the fight delivers.  Below is my Swag Science breakdown and prediction of this mega fight.  Enjoy.

Official Prediction – Draw

2015 prediction record – (30, 9)


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GGG vs Rubio

GGG vs Rubio

This Saturday night HBO Boxing returns with a great double header.  Gennady Golovkin who is the best middleweight in the world, will be defending his WBA championship title against rugged veteran contender Marco Antonio Rubio.  In a co-main event that could possibly steal the show, Nonito Donaire defends his WBA featherweight championship title against the undefeated power puncher Nicholas Walters.  As always I’ll give my Swag Science break down and prediction for both featured bouts.

Gennady Golovkin vs Marco Antonio Rubio (Middleweight)

This is a real solid match up right here.  Rubio is aggressive, durable, and has a pretty good punch.  He’s also a good sized middleweight with solid ring experience.  Skill wise, he’s not the best boxer that Golovkin has faced, but he’s probably the toughest opponent to date.  Rubio is at his best when coming forward and Golovkin is at his worst when backing up so it all comes down to a battle of wills.  Does Rubio have enough firepower to make GGG respect him?  Does GGG hit hard enough to make Rubio give up and stop trying to win?  I believe Rubio will attempt to start out fast, but once GGG start’s picking him off with counters and stiff jabs he’ll eventually slow down.  Once that happens, GGG will step up the aggression and force the stoppage.  I think Rubio will stick around a little while longer than most of GGG’s recent opponents.  I see this ending somewhere around the 8th or 9th round.  At the end of the day GGG is just on another level than Rubio is. 

Official Prediction – Golovkin by Late KO

Nonito Donaire vs Nicholas Walters (Featherweight)

Here’s a special video break down of this fight.


Official Prediction – Walters by Decision

2014 Prediction Record – 56-18

2013 Prediction Record – 48-27


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Mayweather vs Maidana 2

Mayweather vs Maidana 2 poster is back with another edition of the Swag Science.  This Saturday night on Showtime Boxing ppv, Mayweather will rematch Maidana in the main event.  I’ll drop the video prediction breakdown of this fight as well as the predictions for the rest of the undercard which is pretty underwhelming.

Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana 2 (Welterweight Championship.)


Official Prediction – Mayweather by Decision

Leo Santa Cruz vs Manuel Roman (Junior Featherweight Championship)

This is more like a tune up or showcase bout for Santa Cruz than it is a co main event.  Cruz should make short work out of this dude who has no business being in the ring with him anyways.

Official Prediction – Cruz by Early KO

Miguel Vasquez vs Mickey Bey (Lightweight Championship)

This fight has the potential to be boring as hell.  It definitely doesn’t belong on a ppv undercard.  Vasquez is a boxer mover that always fights at the distance he wants.  He doesn’t do anything special, but he’s not a fighter with any big glaring weaknesses either.  Bey is the more talented boxer, but he probably lacks the experience to cut off the ring and give Miguel the business.  This fight could go either way, but I think Vasquez is going to win a close struggle decision in an uneventful fight.

Official Prediction – Vasquez by Decision

Alfredo Angulo vs James De La Rosa (Middleweight)

This fight is another toss up.  For one, Angulo doesn’t belong at middleweight.  In addition to that, he looked like shit in his last fight against Canelo who treated him like a walking heavy bag.  De La Rosa could be a soft touch or an unknown threat.  It’s tough to say.  He hasn’t fought anyone of note and he already has 2 losses.  I’m not sure who’s going to look worse.  I think De La Rosa pulls the upset.  He has less wear and tear on his body and will probably fight harder.  Angulo hasn’t been the same since the Kirkland lost.

Official Prediction – De La Rosa by Decision

Humberto Soto vs John Molina (Junior Welterweight)

This is your classic crossroads bout.  Molina just had a FOTY candidate with Lucas Matthysse earlier this year where he lost a very spirited bout.  Soto was also KO’ed by Matthysse a few years ago.  Soto is the more skilled of the two, but Molina definitely punches harder and might be coming in with more momentum.  This will probably be the most entertaining fight of the night.  I think this will be a competitive fight until Molina’s power takes over late earning him a KO in the process.

Official Prediction – Molina by Late KO.


2014 Prediction Record 53-16

2013 Prediction Record 48-27







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Cotto vs Martinez

1 Cotto vs Martinez

This Saturday night on HBO Pay Per View Boxing, fans will see undisputed middleweight champion Sergio Martinez square off against boxing superstar Miguel Cotto who is on a quest to be the 1st Puerto Rican boxer to become a champion in 4 different weight classes.  The undercard is pure trash an there is not one fight worth making a prediction on or breaking down so we’ll just skip to the main event.  Please click on the video link below for the Swag Science prediction and breakdown of Cotto vs Martinez.


Official Fight Prediction – Martinez by Late KO

2014 Record – 26-9

2013 Record – 48-27



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2014 NBA All-Star Highlights

kyrie irving allstar mvp

Last night NBA basketball fans were treated to a pretty entertaining All-Star game.  The East pulled away with a hard fought victory and Kyrie Irving from the Cleveland Cavaliers was the named the MVP of the game.  He definitely did his thing, but you also got some pretty strong showings from Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, and Lebron James.

Check out the highlights from the game below.

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Dunk of the Night

LeBron-Dunk on Milsap

Lebron James from the Miami Heat wins this one hands down if you’ve seen the monster dunk he unleashed last night on Paul Milsap from the Atlanta Hawks.

Here’s Lebron’s dunk from last week if you want to compare and see which victim got it worse.


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Pacquiao vs Rios

1 manny pacman vs brandon rios

Manny Pacquiao finally makes his highly anticipated return to the ring against skilled action brawler Brandon Rios.  We’ll do a Swag Science break down of that fight as well as a rematch between Evgeny Gradovich and Billy Dib which will be on the undercard.  The last bout we’ll talk about is the super middleweight title fight between Carl Froch and George Groves.

Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios

This should be a high contact and very entertaining fight while it last.  Both fighters are coming off losses, but Manny is coming off a brutal KO so the big question is can he revert back to his A-game to defeat a highly motivated young dangerous guy like Brandon.  Styles do make fights and I do believe Rios is tailor made for Manny, but he’s also the type of guy you wouldn’t want to face if you’re not sure about yourself and at 100%.  Some people look at Rios as Margarito junior, but he’s a different type of fighter.  He’s a sharper puncher, better defender, and has quicker hands.  Margarito’s game plan of jabbing Manny and trying to overwhelm him with volume won’t work for Rios due to the differences in size.  In addition to that, Rios was never good at cutting the ring off like Antonio was.   I believe Pacquiao will use lateral an in an out movement to while popping out quick jabs and combos to befuddle Rio’s aggression.  Then over the course of the fight look to see Manny start picking up the pace and start overwhelming Brandon with volleys of hard shots from different angles.  Brandon likes to use a high guard for his defense so this will ultimately be his undoing since Manny’s offense will just keep him in check similar to the Clottey fight.  Brandon will have to go all out with his aggression and cut the ring down to get in close with the Pac Man.  Once inside he needs to use his short compact punches (especially his uppercuts) to do some real damage.  I think Rios is going to have some of these moments, but his slower footwork will definitely put him at a disadvantage in getting more of these spots.  I see Pacquiao beating up Rios throughout most of the fight an eventually getting a late stoppage or TKO.  Rios definitely has a chance for the upset, but we’ve seen him get out boxed in long stretches of fights too many times for me to believe he it won’t happen this time. 

Official Fight Prediction – Pacquiao by Late KO/TKO

Evgeny Gradovich vs Billy Dib

This is a rematch of a fight that took place earlier this year on ESPN”s Friday Night Fights.  It was a decent rough ass scrap to watch mainly because of Dib’s inability to come forward without lunging and grappling.  Gradovich dominated that fight by a decent margin and I expect him to do so again.  Dib is far too easy to hit for someone with his style an attributes.  The moments where he boxed from a distance he was controlling Gradovich with little trouble, but he couldn’t keep that up.  Every time he got tagged with a good shot, he’d lose his composure and the fight would spin out of control with fouls and rough house tactics.  I believe Gradovich is going to start off a lot faster this time around and really pressure Dib.  Dib will land some good shots here and there, but will ultimately get the worse of it.  I see Gradovich and his underrated boxing skills pressuring Dib and winning a lop-sided decision that will have some real rough and ugly moments.  Not a fight that I would put before a main event, but hey I don’t work for Top Rank. 

Official Fight Prediction – Gradovich by Decision

Carl Froch vs George Groves

Groves is finally taking that big step in his career by facing the always dangerous and currently 2nd best super middleweight fighter in the world Carl Froch.  I’m going to keep this simple and real as fuck.  Groves has all the tools to beat Froch, but I believe he lacks the experience to actually pull it off.  He can box, move, and punch a bit.  He’s also been getting into Carl’s head for the last couple of months.  If he had some better names on his record, I’d pick him to pull it off, but as of now I think Froch is going to go life and death with the challenger, but win the late rounds big enough to steal a competitive decision.  It might be a little controversial as well.  Froch is tough as nails,  a granite chin, and deceptive length that throws everybody off when they try to attack him.  He’ll use all of this to his advantage.  Froch also has a good ring IQ.  He knows what game plan he should employ against different fighters.  He’ll be reacting to everything Groves attempts to do.   In the end I see Froch using his experience to pull out a tough one.

Official Fight Prediction – Froch by Decision

2013 Prediction Record- 37 wins and 22 losses




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Bradley vs Marquez

Bradley n Marquez is back with another edition of the Swag Science.  In this episode we focus on the HBO-Boxing and Top Rank promoted ppv match up between Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez.  Although this fight really isn’t pay per view worthy, it’s still a pretty good fight.

Official Fight Prediction – Marquez By Late KO

2013 Prediction Record – 30 wins and 20 losses


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Mayweather vs Canelo breakdown

1Mayweather v Canelo proudly presents an epic week of the Swag Science predictions due to the tremendous amount of bouts this week as well as the mega fight between current pound for pound #1 boxer Floyd Mayweather and rising undefeated Mexican superstar Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.  I’m going to break down all the fights this week starting with the main event which is in video format

Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez

Official Fight Prediction- Mayweather by Close Decision

Danny Garcia vs Lucas Matthysse

Garcia vs LM

This fight has the biggest chance at providing the most fireworks out of the whole ppv card and that’s saying a lot since the main event is so intriguing.  We have 2 power punchers squaring off for junior welterweight supremacy.  Garcia is a hard hitting boxer puncher that specializes in punching with opponents and counter punching with hard shots.  He has solid skills to go with his power, but it’s his defense that really needs the most polishing.  He tends to get hit a little too much and when he does get hit it’s usually a flush shot.  Matthysse is a forward plodding aggressive boxer puncher.  Although he can counter effectively he’s best at backing opponents up and unloading power shots especially his right hand.  His defense is pretty solid, since he tends to attack from a high guard while picking off incoming shots with his gloves.  It’s very subtle so people tend to underrate his defense.  His biggest flaw is his footwork because he often finds himself moving in too fast sometimes falling a little forward off balance.  Good lateral movement mixed with good countering is his weakness.  Judah and Alexander used that strategy in their fights with Lucas.  I don’t see this fight going the distance at all.  I think both fighters will land their money punches so it really comes down to who has the better chin and so far it looks like that will be Matthysse since nobody has yet to have seen him get hurt yet.  He also has the better defense.  I only see him losing if he gets too impatient or greedy allowing for Danny to walk him into the perfect shot.  I see Lucas landing something big early that Garica never fully recovers from which leads to a KO somewhere in the middle rounds.

Official Fight Prediction- Matthysee by Mid-Round KO/Stoppage

Ishe Smith vs Carlos Molina

This fight is a battle of the underdogs in boxing.  Smith finally has a title and Molina finally has a chance to fight for one.  This will also probably be the buzz kill fight of the night since neither guy is rarely in an entertaining fight although I wouldn’t put them in the same category as Miguel Vasquez when it comes to being boring.  Smith is a solid boxer with good all around skills while Molina is a solid pressure boxer with decent skill although his punching power is below average.  This is probably the hardest bout to predict since Smith can get the benefit of the doubt so easily since he’s the champ, hometown fighter, and promoter’s fighter.  Molina also has an ugly style which might turn the judges and crowds off.  Smith’s biggest flaw is that he fights down to the level of his opponent too much and doesn’t display that aggressive passion needed to win close rounds.  Molina’s biggest flaw is that he holds too damn much and smothers his own work so his punches rarely have the effect that they should have.  I think this fight will have a few good moments, but the majority of the action will be carried by Molina who despite his grappling style is always busy.  Smith isn’t the most accurate of punchers so I don’t see him establishing anything that can back Molina up.  I think Molina’s pressure an infighting will take Smith out of his game plan making for a rather uneventful fight where he wins a close decision.

Official Fight Prediction- Molina by Close Decision

Ashley Theophane vs Pablo Cesar Cano

This should be a pretty decent fight to start thing off.  Theophane is a slick boxer with decent pop, while Cano is a solid pressure brawler who always brings it.  Theophane’s boxing skills should win this fight, but not without a few shaky moments due to Cano’s power and aggression.

Official Fight Prediction- Theophane by Competitive Decision

Shawn Porter vs Julio Diaz 2

This fight isn’t on the undercard for The One ppv event, but it is a good rematch that will be televised on Fox Sports Thursday night.  The first bout was competitive an ended in a draw.  Porter’s biggest mistake in that fight was all the extra movement in the later rounds since it allowed Diaz to pick up momentum and give the impression that he was getting to Porter.  I think Porter corrects this fault and applies pressure throughout the rematch.  He’ll do this by punching in combination and utilizing smaller circles when boxing.  Diaz is still a solid fighter and gave Khan quite a scare in his last fight so Porter can’t afford to not take him serious.

Official Fight Prediction- Porter by Decision

2013 Prediction Record- 23 wins and 18 losses

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KO of the Week

curtis stevens n saul roman proudly brings back the Knockout of the Week where we showcase the nastiest KO that either stops someone in their tracks or puts them to sleep.  This one is from the main event of the Fight Night card on NBC Sports that was on last night.  Heavy handed middleweight contender Curtis Stevens put tough veteran Saul Roman out of commission in the very first round with a powerful head snapping left hook.  He already battered and dropped Roman once right before he put the finishing touch on his chin.  GGG might have something to worry about.

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