New Cam’ron & A-Trak


Harlem legend Cam’ron just dropped a video for his song Dipshits which featured a reunion of his Dipset rap group.  Juelz Santana was on the chorus as well as appearing in the video alongside the capo Jim Jones and Dame Dash.  What’s also unique about this track is that it’s produced by Just Blaze who was a long time collaborator with them back in their prime 2001-2004.  This song is vintage Killa and really gets your hopes up for an official Dipset reunion.


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New Music: Che Stunna

Che Stunna is back with another Artist Spotlight.  This time we feature a talented upcoming artist by the name of Che Stunna.  He just dropped a dope new video for his song “Life of a Sinner” which will be featured on his “Wild Life” EP due to drop this spring so be on the look out for that.

We really feeling this joint.  The beat has that hard haunting vibe to it and the location as well as the special effects really compliment the track.  Dude definitely goes in on this.

Check it out for yourself.

Follow him on Twitter @CheMerk

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New Music: It’s About to Go Down

It About to Go Down promo is back with another artist spotlight.  This is time the feature is on the dope collaboration between the emcee Jesus Shutterworth Da God and producer DBR (Dead Bass Records).  The song is titled “It’s About to Go Down” and is from their upcoming mixtape “Trap Titans”.  In addition to the hard hitting banger, listeners will are treated to a visually stunning motion comic drawn by Shutterworth that helps bring the music to life.  “It’s About to Go Down” is perfect fight music so what better way to illustrate that then to have two guys throwing down.  Enjoy


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R.I.P. Lord Infamous

Lord Infamous RIP would like to give a big R.I.P. to Lord Infamous who was a hip-hop legend and also a founding member of one of the most influential rap groups of all time in 3 6 Mafia.  He died from a heart attack this past Friday.  Scarecrow’s contributions to music cannot be denied and the musical legacy he leaves behind is full of classic verses and classic songs.  What’s sad is that after years of feuding amongst each other, 3 6 Mafia members finally got back together (under Da Mafia 6ix) moniker and just released a great mixtape, but on a more positive note is that at least this happened before his unexpected death and fans got a chance to hear new material as a group from them.  We offer our condolences to his family.  Rest in Peace Lord Infamous.  You will be missed.

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B.G.E. Kickstarter

BGE Hoodallstars post

Episode 3 of the epic Hip-Hop fantasy comic Beyond Good & Evil is now underway.  If you wish to see this promising comic series get a full color page layout for it’s release, please take some time to check out their campaign.  Every donation counts.  In addition to getting a dope new episode, they also have some pretty cool incentives for pledges including posters, t-shirts, and exclusive new music from the soundtrack.  Don’t miss out.

Kickstarter Link

Beyond Good and Evil Episode 3 Campaign


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New Music: ShutterTeknology

1ShutterTeknology mixtape cover hoodallstars version loves giving up and coming talented artists a moment to shine and the new collaborative project between the emcee Shutterworth Da G.O.D. and producer Tek Beatz is definitely worthy of bring praised.  Both Florida natives take listeners on a dark soulful journey through hip-hop music with dope samples and boom-bap inspired production.  The hard hitting lyrical intro sets the general tone of the album which includes standout tracks such as Repair which speaks on the current state of hip-hop and how rap music fell off.  Then both artists get creative with the dark menacing sounding story driven song “Flipping the Script” which is about an attempted mugging gone wrong.  If you’re a fan of that old school emceeing and dope production then you’ll definitely enjoy ShutterTeknology.

Here’s the download link


Here’s a few of the tracks if you want to preview them mixtape.

Flipping the Script


ShutterTeknology copy(1) back cover


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Artist Spotlight: Shutterworth

Best of Shutter pt 2 hoodallstars is back with another edition of the Artist Spotlight.  Lately we’ve been showcasing talented producers on this site, but we had to take it back to the emcee side of things with the latest release from South Florida rapper Shutterworth who just dropped the much anticipated new mixtape “The Best of Shutterworth Da G.O.D.  vol. 2.  This is a hip-hop purist’s dream due to the diverse collection of songs, flows, and production.  It has 18 songs with 11 different producers spanning from across the globe (United Kingdom, Canada, California, DMV, Florida, Boston, and New York.  The musical production is an array of different styles ranging from bass heavy trap, samples, soul samples, club, hip-hop, grimy, dark goth, and orchestra symphony.

Shutterworth takes no prisoners with his lyrical aggressive style.  You have your classic battle rap songs like Emcee Wizardry and The Playoffs.  Then you get the introspective tracks like Life Times and Enlightenment where he raps back in forth with himself.  His unique style really shines over the haunting dark themed production featured on Ready for Darkness and Unholy Warfare.  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  Shutterworth continues to flex his lyrical prowess over hard hitting tracks such as Lets Get It and The Final Straw.  To quickly sum things up, if you enjoy rappers going ham over really dope production than this mixtape is for you.  The Best of Shutterworth Da G.O.D vol. 2 is a musical journey that won’t leave you disappointed.

Best of Shutterworth Da GOD vol 2 download link

Here’s some tracks of the mixtape you can preview

Life Times prod. by Tek Beatz

Go Higher Jesus prod. by Clanarchy

Lets Get it prod. by Jae Marley



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Artist Spotlight: Clanarchy

Clanarchy soular flares 2 brings you another blazing edition of the Artist Spotlight where we feature a talented emcee or producer that is making strides.  This time we have a super talented upcoming producer from the United Kingdom by the name of Clanarchy who is set to release his 2nd instrumental mixtape “Soular Flares 2″.  This is an excellent follow up to the original which was a very dope effort.  Clanarchy specializes in production that features a heavy usage of old school soul and funk samples.  Now you might say to yourself, “Big deal.  Lots of people do that.”  Although that might be a true statement, there are only a few producers that use this technique with such creativity and depth.  Clanarchy clearly sets himself above others with the way he can bring emotion or straight rawness to his production with the use of sampling.  You can tell that he has a great ear for music because of the unique amount of instrumentation his beats have.  Another one of his strong points is the way he transitions the beats sometimes giving the listener a whole new vibe to the same beat.  You hear a lot of that on Soular Flares 2.  After listening to a few tracks, you’ll soon notice that there aren’t that many producers out there that can make a beat grow like Clanarchy.

Soular Flares 2 Back

Download Link for Soular Flares 2

If you enjoy well constructed creative soulful sample hip-hop instrumentals, then you’re sure to appreciate Soular Flares 2 from Clanarchy.  It features a mixture of sounds from uptempo to laid back smoothness.  My personal favorites are Ill Treatment, Patience, Mixed Emotions, The Re-Opening, and Rags to Riches.

Here’s a few more of Clanarchy’s signature sounds for you to check out.


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B.G.E. The Hip-Hop Comic by ShutterDroog

BGE Hoodallstars post proudly presents the epic rap comic series Beyond Good and Evil which is a first of it’s kind.  It’s a unique story told in comic book form accompanied by a soundtrack that focuses on the thoughts and actions of the characters involved.  The music also helps set the mood and theme for the reader.  This comic series was created by the group ShutterDroog which consists of the rapper Shutterworth and producer Black Droog.  The illustrations, story, and songs were done by Shutterworth while the dark menacing production for the songs were provided by Black Droog.  Clanarchy, who is a very talented up and coming producer from the UK mixed down the tracks.

The story of B.G.E focuses on a young man contemplating suicide until approached by a Demon who attempts to make the decision for him.  What ensues is a 2 on 1 fight between the Demon and the young man who is later on assisted by an Angel.  During the course of the struggle the young man questions his morality as well as his beliefs.  Check out the video below and find out if the forces of good prevail or will the young man succumb to his inner demons while losing his soul in the process.  The video is viewed best in HD in the full screen video player.  This way you get the full experience.

If you want to hear more from the artists involved in this project check out the following links

Black Droog’s soundcloud page

Clanarchy’s soundcloud page

Shutterworth’s soundcloud page

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Stay Trippy: Review

Juicy J stay trippy cover

Juicy J finally returns with his highly anticipated solo album Stay Trippy.  A lot of fans have been waiting for this to drop ever since Bandz A Make Her Dance debuted and became a smash hit last summer.  Now the big question is was the wait worth it? will humbly answer that question with a yes.  Now you know we have to keep it real with the reviews.  Even though this album is pretty good and has its fair share of bangers, Stay Trippy isn’t what I’d call a classic.  It’ll probably end up being the hardest mainstream hip-hop release of the year which in this era is a good thing.  Juicy J isn’t the most versatile emcee when it comes to different topics.  He pretty much stays in his lane which is money, hoes, drugs, and goon shit.  The difference between him and a lot of other rappers that share his lane is that he straight dominates it by picking the best beats that compliment his style all while murdering those songs with dope lyrics, different flows, and catchy hooks.  He holds his own lyrically and never gets overshadowed by any of the features although Project Pat, Pimp C, and Yelawolf come close.

When Juicy J is in his element he can’t be stopped.  Songs like Stop It, Money a Do it, and Wax display this quality.  It’s only when he attempts to go a little too mainstream does he have a few missteps or fumbles.  Tracks like The Woods with Justin Timberlake fall a bit short.  Juicy J does well on his end with the raps, but the beat and the hook were a little weak.  All in all it’s not a bad song, just a little average or underwhelming.  The same goes for Talkin Bout which is plagued by a weak chorus and corny beat.  Those speed bumps along with the production sounding a little too similar on certain songs is what brings down the overall quality of Stay Trippy and stops it from reaching classic status.  It’s still a pretty damn good album. favorite tracks are Gun plus a mask, Stop it, and Wax.  If you’re a big fan of Juicy J or 3 6 Mafia then you’ll definitely enjoy this release.  It’s not as good as DJ Paul’s last album Person of Interest which did a better job using the same formula as Stay Trippy (hard beats and hard flows about money, hoes, drugs and goon shit) but it’s still worthy of its own praise.  Overall Juicy J gave a solid effort and made a damn good album with Stay Trippy.

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