B.G.E. The Hip-Hop Comic by ShutterDroog

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Hoodallstars.com proudly presents the epic rap comic series Beyond Good and Evil which is a first of it’s kind.  It’s a unique story told in comic book form accompanied by a soundtrack that focuses on the thoughts and actions of the characters involved.  The music also helps set the mood and theme for the reader.  This comic series was created by the group ShutterDroog which consists of the rapper Shutterworth and producer Black Droog.  The illustrations, story, and songs were done by Shutterworth while the dark menacing production for the songs were provided by Black Droog.  Clanarchy, who is a very talented up and coming producer from the UK mixed down the tracks.

The story of B.G.E focuses on a young man contemplating suicide until approached by a Demon who attempts to make the decision for him.  What ensues is a 2 on 1 fight between the Demon and the young man who is later on assisted by an Angel.  During the course of the struggle the young man questions his morality as well as his beliefs.  Check out the video below and find out if the forces of good prevail or will the young man succumb to his inner demons while losing his soul in the process.  The video is viewed best in HD in the full screen video player.  This way you get the full experience.

If you want to hear more from the artists involved in this project check out the following links

Black Droog’s soundcloud page

Clanarchy’s soundcloud page

Shutterworth’s soundcloud page

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