Artist Spotlight: Shutterworth

    Best of Shutter pt 2 hoodallstars is back with another edition of the Artist Spotlight.  Lately we’ve been showcasing talented producers on this site, but we had to take it back to the emcee side of things with the latest release from South Florida rapper Shutterworth who just dropped the much anticipated new mixtape “The Best of Shutterworth Da G.O.D.  vol. 2.  This is a hip-hop purist’s dream due to the diverse collection of songs, flows, and production.  It has 18 songs with 11 different producers spanning from across the globe (United Kingdom, Canada, California, DMV, Florida, Boston, and New York.  The musical production is an array of different styles ranging from bass heavy trap, samples, soul samples, club, hip-hop, grimy, dark goth, and orchestra symphony.

Shutterworth takes no prisoners with his lyrical aggressive style.  You have your classic battle rap songs like Emcee Wizardry and The Playoffs.  Then you get the introspective tracks like Life Times and Enlightenment where he raps back in forth with himself.  His unique style really shines over the haunting dark themed production featured on Ready for Darkness and Unholy Warfare.  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  Shutterworth continues to flex his lyrical prowess over hard hitting tracks such as Lets Get It and The Final Straw.  To quickly sum things up, if you enjoy rappers going ham over really dope production than this mixtape is for you.  The Best of Shutterworth Da G.O.D vol. 2 is a musical journey that won’t leave you disappointed.

Best of Shutterworth Da GOD vol 2 download link

Here’s some tracks of the mixtape you can preview

Life Times prod. by Tek Beatz

Go Higher Jesus prod. by Clanarchy

Lets Get it prod. by Jae Marley



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