Artist Spotlight: Clanarchy

    Clanarchy soular flares 2 brings you another blazing edition of the Artist Spotlight where we feature a talented emcee or producer that is making strides.  This time we have a super talented upcoming producer from the United Kingdom by the name of Clanarchy who is set to release his 2nd instrumental mixtape “Soular Flares 2″.  This is an excellent follow up to the original which was a very dope effort.  Clanarchy specializes in production that features a heavy usage of old school soul and funk samples.  Now you might say to yourself, “Big deal.  Lots of people do that.”  Although that might be a true statement, there are only a few producers that use this technique with such creativity and depth.  Clanarchy clearly sets himself above others with the way he can bring emotion or straight rawness to his production with the use of sampling.  You can tell that he has a great ear for music because of the unique amount of instrumentation his beats have.  Another one of his strong points is the way he transitions the beats sometimes giving the listener a whole new vibe to the same beat.  You hear a lot of that on Soular Flares 2.  After listening to a few tracks, you’ll soon notice that there aren’t that many producers out there that can make a beat grow like Clanarchy.

Soular Flares 2 Back

Download Link for Soular Flares 2

If you enjoy well constructed creative soulful sample hip-hop instrumentals, then you’re sure to appreciate Soular Flares 2 from Clanarchy.  It features a mixture of sounds from uptempo to laid back smoothness.  My personal favorites are Ill Treatment, Patience, Mixed Emotions, The Re-Opening, and Rags to Riches.

Here’s a few more of Clanarchy’s signature sounds for you to check out.


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